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Ulla briefly in English

Ulla is a Finnish online knitting magazine made by Finnish knitters for Finnish knitters. Starting from the issue 01/08, we have had this brief introduction in English for our foreign readers.

On this page you will find information on

General information

Ulla was founded in the summer of 2004 and the first issue was published in October 2004. The original idea was to be a resource for Finnish knitters. There was a lack of online knitting-related information and knitting patterns in Finnish and Ulla was founded to fill the need, at least to some extent.

An association, Suomen verkkoneuleyhdistys, was also founded to take care of the financial issues such as the costs of web hosting and the domain name. The members of Suomen verkkoneuleyhdistys can see a sneak preview of the upcoming edition Ulla while it is still being put together and vote for the knitted item featured on the cover page.

Ulla is published three times a year. In addition to the actual issues, we have published some extras and surprises. You can find the old issues in the archive; just follow the Arkisto link in the navigation menu.

All the people involved in the making of Ulla are volunteers who donate their time and skills without any compensation.

  • The patterns and articles are from Finnish knitters; everyone is free to send material to Ulla and everyone's material is welcome.
  • Volunteers proof-read the patterns and handle the site building, that is, publishing the issues.
  • Volunteers run the Suomen verkkoneuleyhdistys association.

Why don't you make an English version of Ulla?

When Ulla was founded, we discussed translating it into English and decided not to, as there already were many resources for English-speaking knitters made by native English speakers (for example, Knitty, MagKnits, that is now closed down, and many personal and commercial web sites).

Some of the reasons for not publishing an official version of Ulla in English or any other language are as follows:

  • As mentioned above, the people involved are volunteers. We do not have the time nor the resources to do the translations properly or to check the translations made by others. Badly or hastily made translations are not an option as they would only raise more questions.
  • It takes a lot of time to put the Finnish issue together. It would take even more time to make an English version as well as everything should be done twice, in Finnish and in English. It would also increase the amount of questions and feedback from the international readers and the time needed for replying.
  • We do not want to make the Finnish designers feel they are obliged to offer translations or support in other languages. Not all the designers speak English that well, and not all the designers want to publish their patterns in other languages.

Are there translations available? What if I would like to have a translation of a pattern?

So far, a few patterns from Ulla have been translated as gestures of good will. Some designers have been kind to translate their patterns themselves, some patterns have been translated by volunteers in cooperation with the designers. Ulla is happy to list the translations on this page.

Unfortunately, it is very likely that if you cannot find a link to a translation on this page, there is no translation at all.

Note that Ulla does not check or approve the translations. If you have any questions, contact the designer and/or the translator.

If you would like to have a pattern translated, you could try

  • contacting the designer - however, please remember that the designer is in no way obliged to offer a translation. Also remember that even though most Finns can communicate in English, the designer's language skills might not be good enough for translating the pattern or replying to your message.
  • visiting the Ulla knits group on Ravelry.

You could also check the glossaries in Ullakko for some basic terms:


Ulla is a Finnish online knitting magazine, and we respect the Finnish copyright law. Some of the main issues are included in (but not limited to) the following:

  • All the material (articles, patterns and photos) in Ulla is copyrighted.
  • The copyright of the material is not transferred to Ulla. The designers and photographers hold the copyright of their material and they may grant the permission to republish their material or a translation of their material.
  • The patterns are free for personal non-commercial use.

For personal use, you may

  • knit from the patterns.
  • make few copies of the patterns for yourself or friends / family.
  • translate the patterns.

You need a permission from the designer / the person who produced the material

  • to reproduce or republish the material either in Finnish or in any other language; if you want to publish a translation, you need a permission from the designer.
  • to sell the patterns either in printed or electronic form.
  • to sell knitted items made from the patterns in Ulla.

Links to translations

Translations are listed first by issue starting from the oldest, then by the designer´s name.


Tiina Väätäinen:
Kusti sweater (available as a Ravelry download)


Sydämiä ja raitaa -sukat
Hearts and Stripes Socks


Heidi Antila
Linux Illusion Scarf
in English - in French

Pia Tuononen
Bluebell- ja Rose-kesäpipot
Bluebell and Rose hats (pdf)


Tuulia Salmela
Ailin lapaset
Aili's Mittens

Christmas extra 2005

Tiina Kovalaine
Jinglebell Socks


No translations available


Niina Hakkarainen
Sneaker Socklets


Päivi Eerola
Aurora Bag

Green Day -liivi
Green Day Vest


Tuulia Salmela
Bolero Sweater

Eeva Saviranta
Scale Scarf


Katja Kvintus
Minttumaari Scarf

Kristel Nyberg:
Kesäheinä sweater (available as a Ravelry download)

Sari Åström
Lehmus Scarf


Skepp-o-hoj -paita
Skepp-o-hoj tröja (in Swedish)

Revontuli Scarf

En Pointe -tossut
En Pointe Slippers

Kristel Nyberg
Joukahainen Sweater (available as Ravelry download)
Tuuletar Cardigan (available as Ravelry download)

Tuulia Salmela
Daina Mittens

Kide Scarf

Louhi ja Pohjan neito
Louhi and Pohjan Neito Cardigans

Sampo cardigan

Advent calendar 2007

Tuulia Salmela
Hansa-lapaset (members only)
Hansa Mittens


Lumiruusu Scarf

Pajunkissa Hat

Niina Hakkarainen
Hilja Vest (in Ravelry)

Anni Laine
Ranger Hat (in Ravelry)

Sari Åström
Ninna Beret (pdf)


Producers of the material © of all their material

Any use for commercial purposes prohibited.

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